30 days | 0 drinks | A Lot of “No Thank Yous”

I decided that I was going to cut out booze for 30 days.  I don’t really drink a ton anymore (sorority days seem like a distant memory), I like to go out to dinner with friends, have wine at home with the BF and have an occasional “big” night out. Being out of the country for a couple months this winter, I drank more than I thought I would.  I realized that most travelers like to party.  Working in the service industry again, there and here, it is also easy to have one or two after a long shift.  You have been serving everyone else all night so why can’t it be your time??

A lot of people do a dry January, but since that didn’t happen I decided I could manage April.  Right before the summer, weather isn’t that great yet and no big events lined up.  I had been reading about the benefits (better sleep, clearer skin etc.) so I figured why not.

I started out by logging all of the times that I had to say “no.”  

Day 1 Saturday April 2: Brunch in Boston at cool new spot; no spiked coffee, bloody bar or mimosa

Day 2: Sunday April 3: Out with mom, she suggested we swing by a new-ish craft brewery to grab a beer

Day 3: Monday April 4: Had a  girlfriend over for dinner.  Felt the need to text her “FYI, not drinking for 30 days :)” since we would normally dive into a bottle of sauv blanc

Day 4: Tuesday April 5: Dinner for my dads birthday; had to wait at the bar for 30 minutes before our table was ready; no wine at dinner (I was the DD anyway but still-I would have normally had one!)

Day 5: Wednesday April 6: Restaurant week with a friend I haven’t seen in months

Day 6: Thursday April 7: Making dinner at home with my man.  Neither of us throw them back to hard but probably would of had wine

Day 8: Saturday April 9: Boyfriend got out of work early; went to visit our friend who was bartending to get dinner, had a Thai iced tea instead

Day 10: Monday April 11: Went on a walk with friend, going to grab a coffee after.  Coffee place was closed.  She suggested cocktail instead?  No booze, drove to another coffee shop

Day 13: Thursday, April 14: Seasonal restaurant opened, home of a famous rum punch.  No shift drink for me.

As you can see, the first two weeks were a little rough.  Then the weekends came.  Though I work weekends, I found myself still turning down plans that involved drinking.  What I didn’t think would happen is that it did get easier.  I actually stopped logging the times I said no because I wasn’t even thinking about it.

After the first couple weeks, it almost seemed as though I had developed a habit against alcohol (though I think that takes 21 days).  I was okay not going out to bars and okay with just having seltzer if other people were drinking.  Though I had some booze at home, it didn’t even really cross my mind to drink it.

Overall, I am really happy that I tried this and will be doing it again.  Here are some things that I learned:

  • I felt less bloated and lost about three pounds
  • It was hard in the beginning but got easier by the end; I could have gone for longer!
  • I felt healthier and developed more of a like for flavored seltzer
  • People were supportive and thought it was great
  • My boyfriend didn’t drink either so it make it easier since we live together (Thanks, Sam!)
  • Most social events involve alcohol.  Especially in the evening.  It is great to splurge, but limiting the amount of drinking nights per week isn’t a bad idea

I definitely recommend giving it a try!  I will probably do another month once the summer ends.


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