Living Wall Art DIY

I came across this piece of drift wood at the beach and although it has been cut and stained in the past and is not 100% natural, I thought it would be a great piece for crafting.

I thought I would create a functional, simple, versitile piece of art after being inspired by something I saw.  The best part was I made it for next to nothing and it didn’t take long at all!
In the jar is one of my pothos plants that I am propagating. This is an easy, simple way to grow more plants and add some living decor around your home: I love how you can see the roots growing through the glass.

Here is what you need:

  • Piece of wood
  • Mason jar
  • Pipe clamp
  • Sawtooth picture hanger
  • Mini screws

1. Install your sawtooth picture hanger to back of wood with included small nails (found in picture hanging section at Michaels).

2. Untwist your metal pipe clamp so that it is no longer in a circle (can be found at Home Depot).  Get out your jar and hold it up to wood and make a small mark where you want to top of the jar to be.  This is where you will screw the pipe clamp into the wood.

3. With the pipe clamp still open, find the center and use your mini screws to secure the clamp through the small rectangular holes to the wood.  The holes are small so you will need small screws (or nails).  I don’t have the size because I already had them on hand.  The fastener might be off center, but I think it looks better that way!

4. Now that your clamp is secure, get your  jar and close the pipe clamp together around the lip of your jar.  Tighten until the jar is resting on the pipe clamp.

5. Fill with water and add fresh flowers or a plant like mine for less maintenence!

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