Food Truck Friday

Love this! I worked at a seasonal seafood/lobster restaurant in New England and we always thought it would be a good idea to go somewhere warm and sell the food in the winter!

Life is Short. Eat hard!

J. discovered a new food truck a few months back… The Maine Lobster Lady. By the name one might wonder why the two of us here in the burning desert of Arizona might be interested. The reason this place interested us so much was because they actually spend their winters here in Arizona serving up deliciously good lobster rolls, chowder and shrimp puffs. All of this, in one little food truck.

Needless to say, we were excited. I followed them on Facebook so we would be able to find them somewhere, somehow once they returned to Phoenix. We had been planning this for quite a few weeks when they announced they would be at the JamMarket one FridayΒ from 6pm until 8pm…. We would be there.

We really had no idea what was in store when we rocked up around 6.30pm to find a line of about 60 people snaking…

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