Day 179: I Need a Bigger Cup Holder

I like this idea!

A Year of Going Vegan

As usual, I made too much. This green smoothie fit into two quart jars. I put one in the fridge for tomorrow and took the other to work.

I really need a bigger cup holder, and one of those lids you can drink from.

Super Simple Green Smoothie
Enough Kale to fill a 64 oz blender jar about 3/4 full
2 apples
2 bananas
Water as needed for blending and thinning.

Blend the kale with a quarter of a blender jar of water. Add apples and blend until smooth. Add bananas and blend until smooth. Add water to the top line of blender jar and blend. Makes about two quarts.



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Pizza Mushrooms

Allison Eats





As promised in my last post, here is the recipe for pizza mushrooms!

Awhile ago I’d come across some Pin-spiration for pizza stuffed mushrooms that were pretty basic in their sauce-cheese-pepperoni combination. However the idea seemed like a pretty genius one, and only needed a bit of customization on my part. Of course I wanted to make my own pizza sauce, and for that I had a lightbulb moment in coming up with the idea to put some topping ingredients inside the sauce itself! So I created a basic tomato and tomato paste mixture but added some goodies like olives, thyme, and even anchovies! And as far as my favorite pizza topping, which is mushrooms, well that’s already covered in the base of the recipe! I also added carrots because Scott pretty much asks for carrots in everything I make. And we happened to have some wine in…

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