Favorite Products for Winter Dry Skin

Dry skin is the worst.  If feels itchy, rough, tight and is never a good base to put your make-up on.  Many factors contribute to this in the winter months including cold, dry air, wind and even blasting the heat in your home or jumping into a steaming bath or shower.  I have tried tons of products over the years and am going to share a few of my favorites that have been helping me banish dry skin as these colder (okay, freezing, below zero) days arrive.

1) Aquaphor ($4-$22 depending on size)

This is an old favorite from my days of swimming when the chlorine would turn my arms into alligator skin.  I find this works best if you have large patches of extremely dry skin on your arms, or even for “spot treatment” on your face, hands etc.  It is best to put this on at night or if you are just going to be lounging around since it does have the consistency of Vaseline.

2) Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($34)

This came in my Birchbox last month and as soon as I used it I knew I had to buy the full sized version.  Only a tiny amount is needed to give yourself a mini facial.  I have used tons of scrubs and this stuff really works.  It is fine enough where it does a great job exfoliating dead skin, but doesn’t irritate.  It seriously leaves your skin feeling baby smooth.

3) Pond’s Dry Skin Cream ($7.99)

Anyone remember your mom having this stuff years ago?  Cold cream anyone?  I was trying to find a super moisturizing cream that wasn’t going to break the bank and figured I would give this a whirl.  It doesn’t clog pores and can be used on sensitive skin; it moisturizes and makes skin feel soft and supple.  What I do NOT like about this product is the smell.  It is a little too floral for my liking, but luckily, after it absorbs into skin, the smell is pretty much gone.

4) CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser ($12.99)

When my dermatologist recommended this to me (I have combination/acne prone skin), I almost returned it after I tried it.  I was used to harsh face wash and was always trying to strip the oil from my skin.  After giving this a chance, I began to notice my skin looking better.  This is a very mild cleanser and can be used on sensitive skin; it is perfect for those dry winter months and gentle enough to use morning and night.

5) Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Ultra Shea Body Butter ($15)

Another old favorite: I picked up some of this body butter recently because I have always loved the scent.  Ever since, I have been hooked!  The combination of Ultra Shea Body Butter infused with soothing Coconut Oil and nourishing Shea & Murumuru butters leave skin super moisturized, soft and smelling great.

I am also in love with body scrubs to keep skin soft and smooth during all seasons.  Stay tuned for another post on making your own!

Xo Korina

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