Eco Candles: Shop Local

I went in a cute local store today called the Weekender House which had some great finds for the home.  Once I settle down I will need to go back for some decor, but in the mean time, I picked up one of these Eco Candles from Paddywax.  They are poured (in the USA) into an up-cycled wine bottle and are similar to the Rewined candles I posted about in my Fall Favorites.

One of my goals moving forward is to try harder to shop local.  Being a huge Target fan, this can be difficult, but supporting your community is important.

Check out the Thyme and Olive Leaf scent that I picked up ($16 at store).  It reminded me of the holidays and I lit it as soon as I got home.

Thyme and Olive Leaf: Paddywax









Xo Korina

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