Green Smoothie Adventure

Growing up I loved making smoothies; mostly strawberry & banana, nothing fancy.  A year or so ago I purchased the “Magic Bullet,” and it surely wasn’t magic.  The thing wouldn’t even chop ice very well and was just a pain!  My boyfriend started making smoothies recently, just with fruit, so I finally decided it was time to purchase a blender.

Now I didn’t want just any blender,  I really wanted one that turned veggies into a smoothie-like consistency.  I wanted to start making green smoothies!  I needed something that was going to actually be able to blend greens like spinach and kale and clearly the bullet was useless!  I talked to some people and looked online: I wanted to find something that worked, but was affordable.  The king of all blenders is the Vitamix which will set you back around $400.  Yes, $400.  That is almost as much as my rent! No thanks.  (I mean if I could afford it I would be all over it but clearly thats not the case!)

I found a blender called the Ninja, which can be found at Target, and read some reviews.  Most of them were really good and the price was $99.  I knew Bed Bath & Beyond offers those “20% of one Item,” so I printed one of those out and ended up getting it for $80!

I am loving it so far.  It is powerful and blends spinach and kale well.  It is a little big but thats not really a big deal.  Since I bought it a  few weeks ago, I have used it pretty much every day!  I have been making green smoothies in the morning; they are filling and a great, healthy way to start the day.  Below are a few combos but you can honestly throw anything in there!

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