Homemade Lemon Powdered Laundry Detergent

I had made some liquid laundry detergent last year that somewhat enjoyed, but it kept separating when I would store it. When I would shake it up, it ended up getting sudsy so I decided to try a powdered. I put this right in the front loader WITH the clothes, not in the tray.

This is a super easy recipe and only has 4 ingredients, so you are’t getting all that crap that comes in other detergents. There has been some debate about if Borax. Obviously keep away from pets/kids.


Check out this laundry soap kit on Amazon that packages all the ingredients for four batches! (Essential oil not included!) Washing Soda and Borax are available for less than $4 at Target so the Amazon  bundle isn’t the most cost effective.

Add the borax and washing soda together in a bowl. Grate the bar of soap in and mix well. You an also toss bar into food processor, especially if you are making a double batch. Shake in your lemon essential oil. I chose lemon because I felt that it paired well with the scent of the Fels-Naptha.

I store in a mason jar and use about 1/4 cup per load.

Happy Cleaning and thank you to my husband for always doing our laundry!

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