Floods Cove, Maine

The Maine coast is dotted with so many gems you could spend a lifetime exploring.  The rocky coast, towering evergreen trees and lack of people make it one of our favorite summer spots to get away.  Lake or seaside, there is something for everyone.

I found a small, family owned campground, Floods Cove, located on a small island (Ames Island) right off the coast in Friendship, Maine.  Upon arrival, you are greeted like you are family and given simple instructions:  pack up your canoe, park your car down, head to the island and enjoy the salt air and unreal sunsets.  Sounds good, right?

Camping isn’t for everyone, but there is something about the simplicity and being fully immersed in nature that is good for the soul.  Each site here was located right on the water with views of other islands and lobster pots as far as the eye could see.  The sites face the West which make for perfect sunsets and a cocktail hour view to die for.  They do offer a few houses on their property for rent, but saw some families taking advantage of.  Something to think about it you want less “roughing it.”

Tips for Floods Cove?

  • Pack lightly.  You will be canoeing to your site and although it isn’t far, try to squeeze everything into one trip so you can start your relaxation
  • Buy firewood.  There is a ton of wood on the island, but we found a lot of it to be damp.  Purchase some wood on your trip in or from the hosts
  • Be mindful of ticks.  The dense forest can lead to tick bites which Sam was unlucky enough to experience.  I never think much of ticks, so this was an eye opener for me!
  • Pack warm clothes and bedding!  It was July so we packed a little light when it came to warm weather gear.  Maine gets quite chilly at night so be prepared
  • Canoe along the shoreline and check out the houses.  It was fun to see the different yards and docks perched on the rocky coast

Sunset Periwinkles Floods Cove, Maine

Flood's Cove Camping

Floods Cove Launch Point

Solo Golden Kayak Floods Cove, Maine

Low Tide Friendship,Maine




Friendship, Maine Sunset


Floods Cove Beach

Sprague's Lobster Rolls


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