50 Simple Date Ideas

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Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! ❤

My boyfriend and I love switching it up and trying new things.  The first summer we were together we did everything we could think of!  It can be challenging coming up with new ideas, so I have put together a list of date ideas to try this year.

  1. Take a hike
  2. Have a wine, cheese and game night (Yahtzee!)
  3. Picnic or BBQ at a local park
  4. Local brewery tour
  5. Sign up for a cooking class together
  6. Re-create your first date
  7. Find a Netflix series you both agree on and only watch together
  8. Read the same book and discuss it over cocktails
  9. Ride bikes
  10. Try a new coffee shop
  11. Go fishing with a bucket of beer and some cards
  12. Kayak, paddle board or canoe
  13. Stargaze
  14. Have a bonfire
  15. Visit a local greenhouse and pick out a plant to “raise”
  16. Make sushi
  17. Play your old favorite music for the other person
  18. Take dance lessons
  19. Surf or take surf lessons
  20. Sunset boat cruise
  21. Snow tubing or sledding
  22. Get some canvas and paint together
  23. Give each other massages
  24. Clean the attic or basement at laugh at each others old crap
  25. Volunteer together for a cause you both support
  26. Explore a local historical site that neither of you have been visited
  27. Sunset beach picnic
  28. Go antiquing – see who can snag the best find
  29. Research the next place you want to travel together
  30. Go to a yoga class and then grab a healthy lunch
  31. Try a work out class neither of you have done
  32. Look at old photos or videos together
  33. Check out local live music
  34. Go apple, strawberry, blueberry picking (depending on the season)
  35. Hit the tennis ball around, even if you are both terrible
  36. Swim laps at a local pool, use kick boards and chat
  37. Get up early enough to watch the sunrise at the beach – bring coffee in a thermos
  38. Shop for dinner at a local farmers market
  39. Create your own craft beer tasting at home
  40. Go to trivia night
  41. Play bartender and serve each other handcrafted cocktails
  42. Train for a race together
  43. Help clean out each others closets and donate to Goodwill
  44. Talk about something random vs the usual work/family/day to day convo
  45. Make breakfast in bed and spend Sunday in your PJs
  46. Go snowshoeing or rollerblading, depending on the season
  47. Make ice cream from scratch
  48. Just a walk around your neighborhood
  49. Snorkel or scuba dive
  50. Tackle a house project together

Tip: When deciding on a restaurant to go to, try to the rule of three.  One of you picks three places and the other person picks one out of the three.  It narrows down the choices and involves both people in the decision making.

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