Friday Favorites (Travel)

Happy Friday!

As I prep for my yoga retreat to Panama tomorrow, (ah!) I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite travel items.


Solar Recover ($13)

Do not go anywhere warm without this stuff!  All natural and guarenteed to sooth any sunburn.  Three months down in Nicaragua and I didn’t peel once because I used this every day.  Feels amazing on your skin after a long day in the sun, or just to moisturize!  Size is large so I poured some into a smaller spray botttle for this trip since I am not checking a bag #saveyourskin

Coppertone Water Babies – Travel Size ($3.49)

I decided to include this because it is by far my favorite sunscreen scent.  It reminds me of long days at the beach and summer sun.  If you had told me 10 years ago I would be using 50 SPF I would have laughed at you.  I have definitely become more conscious of my skin and love the protection and gentleness of this product.  The other bonus is that at 3 fl oz, you can pack in carry-on luggage during trips where you aren’t checking a bag.

Tangle Teezer Hair Brush (Varies)

Plane hair, pool hair, beach hair this little brush has your back and is a perfect size for traveling and tossing in your beach bag.  The one pictured is not the Tangle Teezer brand, but does the trick.

Ear Plugs

Whether it’s blocking noise out on the plane or zoning out in unfamiliar sleeping quarters, ear plugs go with me on every trip.  They help keep my sleep schedule consistent and not let weird travel noises bother me (example: when hearing rustling during a camping trip)

RX Bars ($1.99)

When traveling, it can be temping to grab crappy foods at the airport or snack on unhealthy plane food.  I discovered RX Bars when on the Whole 30 and am hooked.  Everything in them is listed on the front; no added sugar or weird ingredients you can’t pronounce.  Their site currently offers free shipping and all the flavors.  My favorite is the chocolate sea salt.

Emergen-C Packets – Tangerine

Help fight the travel bug by loading up on vitamin C.  My favorite is the Emergen-C tangerine flavor.  I like to have a few of these before my trip and also bring along with me.  Note: don’t put this in a water bottle on a plane.  It will fizz up and overflow on you…


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