Friday Favorites

This week I have a little bit of everything.  Flowers to brighten a cold winter day and air rewards that will send you into tropical weather in no time!


Trader Joe’s Tulips ($4.99-$9.99)

I’ve mentioned before how much I love flowers around the house, but I have been loving these tulips lately.  I am partial to picking up hydrangeas and Gerber daisies when in the store, but the tulips are magical after they have been home for a couple days.  Don’t forget to cut an inch or so off the bottom before putting them in water.

Air Rewards (Priceless)

Forgetting you even have these is the best part.  Either redeem points through your credit card or sign up for a frequent flyer number.  I have been getting about one free flight per year through my credit card travel rewards, and just scored a free Jetblue flight from just flying with them and logging my frequent flyer number.

Detox Tea ($3.49)

I have been drinking more tea lately and this stuff works wonders.  The delicious spice blend helps to spark a healthy balance from within.  Great to take after an indulgent weekend.

Rockport Flats ($59)

I scored a pair of these for $9.99 during a random stop into the outlet that was closing and they have become my favorite flats!  The inside has a squishy memory foam, they go with everything and are washable!  I have wide feet so it can be hard for me to find quality flats that don’t kill my feet.  Available in a variety of colors and a couple similar styles.

Witch Hazel ($4)

This natural astringent is used to reduce acne, blisters, bites inflammation and so much more!  I love using this after I get out of the shower before I put on my face lotion and make up. It doesn’t dry out my skin and makes my pores feel tight.

*Prices may vary depending on brand and location

Okay, weekend time.  TGIF!

Xo Korina

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