SUP Yoga Class

Stand up paddle boarding seems to be everywhere!  Not only are people using them to cruise around and catch waves, but taking barre and yoga classes while floating seems to be the rage this summer.  A local fitness instructor teamed up with an awesome new paddle board tour company, Portsmouth Paddle Co., for a relaxing summer evening of yoga on the water.  I love the ocean and enjoy yoga so it was a perfect way to end a Monday.

End of a perfect SUP Yoga Class

I found it to be a better workout than your average 60 minute yoga class.  The whole time that I was on the board I was using muscles I rarely use to keep myself steady.  It definitely took a lot of core work to keep myself from falling off.

I also found it to be

  • Relaxing
  • Empowering
  • Easier to focus on breath and to be in the moment
  • Challenging in a way that I hadn’t experienced
  • Fun
  • Gorgeous!
Connecting boards to anchors before class

Go out there and give it a try!  If you are lucky enough to live in the Portsmuth, NH area, check out Portsmouth Paddle Co for sunset tours, full moon tours, rentals, lessons and pop-up classes such as barre and yoga!


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