Winter Blues

I move back from California to not only the worst winter of my lifetime, but I think ever.  The cold is fun when you can break our your sweaters and have christmas cocktails in December, but when February hits, that all goes down hill.  I ended up moving away because the winter after I graduated college, the short days, cold temps and piles of snow just made me depressed.  Luckily, I planned well this year and scheduled two awesome vacations during these miserable months, so I really can’t complain much.


What I am excited for is how much better the spring and summer will be after all this snow melts.  New England is spectacular when it is warm and I am excited to be able to enjoy it again.

Enjoy some of my cold weather photos taken around my parents house in Rye, NH.

IMG_6878 IMG_6954 IMG_6823 Rye, NH IMG_6999IMG_6790


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