Charcuterie Board

Girls nights are the best.  Wine, chatting and great appetizers.  I had some friends over a couple weeks ago and since we were going out to dinner, I didn’t want to go to heavy on the snacks.  I decided to put together a little charcuterie board to enjoy with our wine before hitting the town.

I found this really cute chalk board serving plate and added some other dishes for extras.  Here is what I used:


Cheese:  3 types-I used brie, goat cheese & sharp cheddar.

Crackers: Mixed pack from Trader Joe’s

Something Salty: Rosemary marcona almonds, salami & mixed greek olives

Something Sweet: Grapes, dried apricots & fig jam

I put out some small plates, toothpicks and small bowl for the olive pits.  I was feeling red wine that night but always like to have both red & white available to my guests.  Make sure to have your glasses out and ready to go when your guests arrive (stemless are my favorite).  Candles and fresh flowers always are great to dress up the table!

This set up is great because it is super easy, you can pick and choose what ingredients you want to use and I find people always love a good cheese board!

Xo Korina

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