The Handwritten Note

When my sister and I were very little, the day after the holidays were over, my dad would tell us that we needed to write thank you notes.  As the years went on, we didn’t even need to be asked, we would have them done before New Years hit.  Even to this day, I think it is important to send a note of appreciation, whether it be for a gift, or even just because.

I worked at an art school where they had a store that sold Papyrus cards.  If any of you know about these, they are amazing.  They are often 3D and filled with fun, creative messages.  I was beyond excited when I found out that the old ones were put into a $1 bin, since they are usually a bit expensive.  I started keeping a box of cards to send out for thank you notes, birthdays, sympathy and my favorite, just because.

In the time of social media and having all of your friends and family available to chat 24/7 at your finger tips, the art of mail is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  My grandmother told me that she was “bragging” to her friends because she was one of the few who still recieved anything paper from her grandchildren.

Now I love super fast communication over email, text etc but don’t underestimate the power of a sweet card.

Trader Joe’s has some AWESOME cards for only $1!  They are simple but have really cute messages on them.



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