Champagne Party Favors

I had some girlfriends over the other night for a Christmas get together and Yankee Swap.  It’s always fun to take time during the busy holiday season to catch up with people and enjoy drinks, eats & laughs.

I wanted to give everyone a small favor and started off by buying a case of mason jars for $8.00.  There are so many fun things you can do with mason jars and I spent a lot of time looking to find a cute gift idea.  I had purchased some twine and some cute gift tags from J Crew, so I decided to put it all together with a mini bottle of champagne.  On the back of the tag I wrote out a simple recipe for a champagne cocktail (Lemon Fizz: Pour champagne over ice, add 1 oz limoncello and garnish with mint and raspberries)  that could be made in the glass, and stuck a bottle of champs & gold paper straw inside.  Super simple, but looked cute when guests walked in.  Everyone loves a favor that they can drink, and the glass is simple and can be re-used.

IMG_5827 Favors

Happy Hosting!

xo Korina


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