Stopped to Smell the Roses

November.  I haven’t posted since November, which at this point, is almost half of a year.  Life gets in the way I guess.  It is hard to sit at a computer most of the day at work, and come home at night and want to sit on the computer more (excuses, excuses I know!).  At least when I’m on my turquoise Macbook, I am not usually staring at Excel or Outlook!

Anyway, I’m back.  I think I have been putting off blogging because I haven’t really been doing anything TOO exciting to post about, so I guess that means I have to liven my life up a bit, eh?  I know the tagline of Korina Linda (which I changed from imaKSimize because it was way too hard to spell and confusing to explain!), is never stopping to smell the roses, because I like to be one the move, but I wanted to share some pictures of when I actually DID stop and enjoy them!  There is an amazing rose garden in Balboa Park in San Diego; it was funny because my sister and I went when she visited in February and there was ONE small rose.  When I went a few weeks ago on my walk, there were thousands of every color and size!  It was so amazing and it made me start thinking of how I need to start appreciating the little things in life.  Though these pictures don’t do it justice, they are still pretty!  You will be hearing from me again very soon.


Xo Korina

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