Wine Drinkers: Fancy or Phony?

Ladies, ladies ladies….during a blind taste test, 63% of participants enjoyed TWO BUCK CHUCK from Trader Joe’s when comparing to a $65 bottle of Cab Sauv (Wine Taste Taste: Chuck vs. Cab).  This example goes to show us that wine drinking is very subjective.  Though some people do have a sophisticated palette, which takes years to achieve, most others, like myself, like what we think tastes good to us.  Simple as that. Whenever I am with someone around my age who claims to be a total “wine snob” it bugs me.  I secretly want to pull the two buck chuck test on them to see if they pass.

Here is another study where the 600+ participants could only tell the difference between a $50 and $5 bottle of champagne 53% of the time!  Should We Buy Expensive Wine?

To me, it should be fun, not a competition.  I worked for a small wine company a few years ago, which sold a wine called Debauchery (their grapefruit-y sauvignon blanc is the best!)  It was so much fun because I got to go to wine shows and hand out samples and talk to people about the wine.  Because the wine was a little more “edgy” than others, it was fun to see people’s reactions.  Do they really know what they are talking about?  Or are they just pretending because they think it will make them look more sophisticated?  It’s hard to tell.  When it comes down to it, don’t stress.  Enjoy what you are drinking (duh) and have fun with it.  Recently, I tried some wine and noticed some strong caramel flavors; when I looked at the bottle, that was actually on the description and it made me excited that I could pick it out right away!  Before you get all snooty, start small and try to pick up little bits at a time.

On the other hand, I have a guilty pleasure of buying bottles because of their labels.  The marketing sells me!  I just can’t help it!  I bought this one today because turquoise is my fav and the name was catchy.  See Tricky Wine Labels for more info on how companies try to get us to think the wine is more expensive than it really is (gold foil anyone?!)

Oh well. I’m guilty.  I fall for the wine that is on sale, the ones that have fun bottles and the fancy-ish labels with gold foil.  I probably couldn’t tell you which Sauvignon Blanc is more expensive, but I will pick the one that has more grapefruit notes.  I’m working on becoming a wine Fancy Pants, but for now, I will just pretend.



Xo Korina


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