Who said you can’t have a glow in Fall?

I’ve always loved a good, solid glow.  I started living in tanning beds in high school and became quite the addict.  Now that I am older and of course wiser (AND have noticed small wrinkles around my eyes),  I have stopped hitting the tanning beds, phew.  Living in San Diego, it is always nice out so I do admit I am in the sun for a good amount of time, all year round.  I have become a lot better with applying sunscreen and make sure to always apply SPF50 when outside (my favorite is actually Coppertone Water Babies because I am in love with the smell!)

Coppertone - Don't be a Paleface!

Whether I am hitting the beach, getting ready for a night out, or even wrapping up in a scarf or sweater, I always feel better (cough, skinnier) when I have a little tan going on.   Lucky for us, there are tons of products on the market to help us gals out.

I have tried multiple products and last year came across L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Towelettes (about $9.99 depending on your location–Cali is more expensive!)  These are great!  One towel has plenty of product to cover your whole bod.  I have practiced a lot so am pretty good at even getting my whole back by myself, but you could also have a friend help you.  What I love about these is you don’t need to freak if about perfecting the application because it isn’t streaky



I usually go for the medium natural tan (pictured above).  Here are some tips that I find helpful for using this product.

1) I usually apply at night after I get out of the shower.  It dries very fast!  I also usually shave before.

2) Make sure you get both sides of your arms fully.  I have swiped the front and the back and had a white line on the outside of my arm (doubt anyone else really noticed but it is easily avoidable when applying).

3) Apply the color to your hands, and then carefully wash the palms and between your fingers when done your application.  You don’t want to wash your whole hand or else the tops won’t match your arms.

That’s pretty much all!  Super easy, quick and great results.

Happy (faux) tanning!  And remember, if you see something weird/abnormal on your skin, go get it checked out right away.  Better to be safe.

Early Detection and Self Exams – SkinCancer.org

Xo Korina

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