Sulfate Free (cheap) Shampoo

So I don’t really do a lot of product reviews but I want my blog to be about my lifestyle and not just food…which I tend to write most about.  Every since I have been getting my hair highlighted, my hairdressers always ask me what I am using.  Knowing it is something completely not okay in their eyes I always cringe in embarrassment.  After dropping the money to get my hair done every two months, I find it hard to fork over another $50+ for hair care products, you with me?!  I sometimes act like I will buy something then “change my mind” at the last minute.

A friend finally old me about EverPure by L’Oreal and it is great! (and only about $5.99!)  I usually don’t notice what a shampoo does for my hair, but with this, I can tell the difference.  I know this because a couple months ago, I went back to an OLD fav–the famous Herbal Essences (I tend to get bored of shampoo smells so like to change it up). It did make me “YESSSS” in the shower because the smell is just fab, but that was all I had to celebrate.  I noticed my highlights started to get washed out, faded and my hair wasn’t as good as it had been when I was using the EverPure.  So I went back.  I think I will stay loyal to this until my budget let’s me do otherwise!!  It also smells good too; kind of minty and refreshing.



Xo Korina



4 thoughts on “Sulfate Free (cheap) Shampoo

  1. I am so with you, Korina. I was visiting a friend a few weeks ago and she had this. I noticed a difference in my hair the first time I used it. I’ve since bought my own and love it. Great recommendation!

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