I’m not sure where these little guys grabbed my attention first but as soon as I saw them, I knew that I must buy some.  As you know, when I want, I want now, so I actually went on my lunch break to see if I could get some in my possession for an after work activity.  Believe it or not, Walmart has some cheap little succulents that are good for a first timer who wants to experiment, like me!  I think the small ones were about $2.98, but I am sure they would be similarly priced at any garden store.


I planted them individually in jars/containers that I had laying around my house.  I plan to make a larger centerpiece with a bunch of them, but I haven’t got to that yet.

It is super easy.  Here is what you need:

Succulents, one or a few if you have a large container

Larger rocks (I stole from my neighbors landscaping, oops!)

Some gravel


A container (I like the clear glass because you can see the layers of the rocks and gravel)


Okay.  Here is what you do.  Put in your larger rocks at the bottom, then gravel, then dirt.  CAREFULLY put your plant in.  I say carefully and I mean it.  They are pretty fragile and you need to make sure that the small leaves don’t snap off during transport.


Now the is the most important thing: water sparingly.  Seriously.  I killed one because I kept misting it with a spray bottle.  They thrive in hot climates with a lot of sunlight so don’t over water!

Below is a great article that gives you some hints on how to keep them alive inside.  What  I love about these little guys are that they add so much character and color to a space and are very low maintenance (unlike my basil and mint that I am supposed to water twice a day and more often than not forget to do so!)

Xo K

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