Frozen Peach Margaritas

Last weekend I went to Palm Springs with my boyfriend Nick and it was amazing!  I think, at 105+ degrees, it was the hottest place I have ever been.  Obviously, that calls for nothing else but the pool and cold drinks!  Margaritas are my favorite.  So good, but when I have tried to make frozen ones at home, they always come out water-y.  The mix you can buy tastes fake and kind of icky so I searched for another solution.

Limeade.  Yep, limeade!  Has a punch of flavor that will keep you sipping until you need a refill.  Luckily, the place we went only had about 12 rooms that were all around the pool–our room had a blender so we were all set!



1 Can of Limeade

Tequila ( I used Horintos)

Triple Sec

Lime (My lime is a little sad looking…)


Peach (Not pictured)

Salt if desired


What Now?

Put the full can of frozen limeade into your blender.  In the empty can, will 3/4 with tequila and 1/4 with triple sec (because these are peach, peach schnapps could be a good substitution for the TS…I will have to try that next time).

Poor booze in blender and squeeze half of a lime over it all.  Cut up your peach and throw that in as well.  Fill up with ice, then blend until smooth!  This made two BIG drinks (we had huge cups), so I would say 4-6 “normal” sized margaritas, but it depends what your style is!


Tip: Whenever you go on a tropical-type vaca, bring your own cup!  They are cheap (Walmart has great insulated ones in the Summer) and all-inclusive resorts are more than happy to fill up your cup vs. giving you one of those small ones where your bev gets warm right away!

Garnish with lime and salt if you wish.  Cheers and happy first day of summer!


Xo K

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