Easy, Skinny Chicken Caesar Shells

So I had saved this recipe awhile ago and bought a box of shells that were hiding in the back of my cabinet.  When I came home tonight, I thought this would be the perfect quick and easy meal, and it was!  I was pretty excited that I use lettuce that I grew myself.  It wasn’t romaine, it was bibb I think, but still worked fine!  I also used homegrown tomatoes.



12 jumbo pasta shells

2 cups romaine lettuce, diced (I used butter lettuce from my GARDEN!)

½ cup tomatoes, diced

½ cup chicken, cooked and diced (I used TJ’s pre-cooked chicken breast strips-quick and easy!)

2 tablespoon Parmesan cheese, shredded

2 tablespoon Light Caesar Dressing (I used Ken’s)

Bit of white onion chopped finely

Salt and Pepper


How to make:

Cook shells first so they have time to cool.  They take a little longer than normal pasta, about 14-15 minutes.  Stir so they don’t stick to bottom too much

While they are cooking, cut up and put all ingredients in a bowl, but hold off on dressing for now.  You don’t want to add that in until the shells are cool, so your salad doesn’t get soggy!


Once shells have cooled, scoop your mixture in and garnish with salt and pepper!  I had extra avocados that I didn’t want to go bad, so I added a little avo slice onto each shell.


The recipe that I based mine off of says they are about 58 calories each and only 1 WW point!  These are yummy for dinner, but would also be a good appetizer to put out at a party.


Hope you enjoy!

Xo Korina

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