DIY: Framed Fish Tank

Want to do this!

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fish Tank  - AquariumI’ve been wanting to get a pet for some time now.  I figured a fish would be a great starter pet! Plus a colorful Betta is a great and inexpensive way to add a little color to a room without pulling out the paint brush. I wanted a really decorative tank for my fish to live in. Since I always feel like I’m in an art museum when I stare at my Betta, I thought framing the tank would be a fun and creative idea to display my new moving art piece.

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fish Tank  - Aquarium MATERIALSMaterials: Rectangular Tank, Picture Frame, Mounting Tape, Aquarium Rocks, Aquarium Decor

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fish Tank  - Aquarium TAPERemove the back of your frame and apply your mounting tape.

Tip: Your picture frame should be the same size as your tank. A rectangular vase that you find at your local craft or floral store will make a great tank. Just be sure it’s at lease…

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