Edamame Hummus

I was wondering around the new Trader Joe’s that opened by my work; didn’t really need anything considering that I went to the grocery store two nights before, but it is always fun to look for new things there.  I love edamame and it is such a good snack to buy frozen, and then heat up a bowl of it to munch on.  I got it at TJs once and it was so fresh and tasty.  Then, I bought two different brands at the regular store and one at Target (big mistake there), and they were chewy and starchy tasting.  So, bottom line, Trader Joe’s sells great frozen in-shell edamame.

I also stumbled across edamame hummus, when looking for real hummus.  I tried it when I got home with pita chips and it was SO GOOD.  I had to portion out the pita chips and put the rest away because I could have devoured the whole bag along with the whole container of hummus.  Counting cals is no fun!

Try it out!

Xo K

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