Dining Dogs

Ugh.  If you have read one of my earliest posts, or know me well, you probably know that I dislike canines.  (Traumatic event when I was younger; got chased, peed my pants etc etc.)  I won’t go on about it because I am sure 95% of you people reading this do not agree with me!

…But I have to vent.  The dogs in restaurants here in San Diego is too much.  Sitting on laps, eating food off table/out of peoples hands, scurrying around under foot; come on!  Take them to dog beach in OB, not to MY favorite restaurants.  Is that selfish of me?  Now I guess I can tolerate a very well behaved small dog under a table at a place with an outside dining area, but besides that, I’ll pass.

Here is a photo when I was ordering my turkey burger at one my favorite spots.  In front of me, two yippy dogs, a small establishment, and only two empty tables—next to each other.  I’m not kidding when I thought; are you serious? As I pretended to text someone, but really did a little non-flash photography.  Well lucky for me, I overreacted.  Even though it was cool and cloudy outside, she was courteous enough to bring her furry friends outside.  (I hope her butt stayed warm though because I just realized that she barely has pants on; thick tights are not pants, ladies!)


So anyways, I’ve concluded that because it is always nice here in SoCal, it is just a way of life.  You don’t see people up in the Northeast schlepping their pets out in the snow just for company, do ya?

I hope I haven’t offended you if you are a serious dog lover, please come back 🙂

Xo K

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