Skin Care: Clarisonic

I had been wanting a Clarisonic for awhile because I have heard great things about them.  They are supposed to even out skin, fine lines (YIKES), clear acne and just give you a better face. My skin is not great.  It’s not horrible, but it has been a real pain over the years.  I have tried every type of face wash, and did have luck with Proactiv which I used for a couple years.  Not wanting to pay monthly for it anymore (well my mom was paying and said she was stopping), I had to find another solution.  I went to the dermatologist and told her about my breakouts and she prescribed a pill called Spironalactone.  It was originally for people with high blood pressure or something, but they found it was great for blemishes!  Now I honestly don’t want to sit here and talk about the issues on my face.  But bottom line, it works and I barely break out anymore!  I do have some discoloration on my face (well, kind of) so I wanted the Clarisonic to even that out and really get makeup off that wouldn’t be removed otherwise.

So I asked for one for Christmas, but ended up just using some Christmas money to buy it for myself.   I purchased the Mia, the cheapest one with one setting, because, well duh, it was the cheapest, and the only difference between that and the Mia2 was an additional setting.  I actually bought it through Amazon and it ended up being $105 (free shipping) compared to $119 most other places.  I got it in turquoise (it was between that and light pink and I honestly couldn’t resist!)  It came with a small cleanser and a charger, or course (it was a lot bigger than I expected, and I thought the brush would spin and “pulse,” but it doesn’t).  Clearly I was pissed when I found out you had to wait 24 hours for it to charge!  I am impatient and wanted to use the thing right away.  The old me probably would have, but that might have messed with the battery so I felt like it wouldn’t be worth it.

So I have been using it for a few weeks now and I do really like it!  I heard that you break out when first starting out with it, but I haven’t really experienced that.  My skin feels really soft after and I definitely feels like it makes your face cleaner.  The only thing is the brush:  I rinse it for 10-15 seconds with hot water after I use it, but to me, isn’t the bacteria hiding in the bristles still???  Kind of weirds me out a little bit.  I mean, I know I use soap with it, but still!

I believe the brush attachment that came with it is for sensitive skin, which I do not have.  Next time, I would probably get the regular brush, or the one of acne prone skin.

So that is my mini review on the Clarisonic Mia.  I just need to actually remember to use it twice a day!



Xo K

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