Gym, Ow

So I have been avoiding the gym for a few months now.  This doesn’t mean I am lazy or haven’t worked out; I still was walking and hiking, butttttt definitely slacking.  I also lost my key chain pass and since one of the guys is kind of a dick there, I didn’t want to deal with him (excuse!)  So Monday I forced myself to go, even though I was hungry and tired after work.  Surprisingly, it felt good!  I also went Tuesday, but Wednesday, my legs hurt from the leg machines SO bad that I could barely walk.  I didn’t even want to wear heels to work in fear that I would look like I had a stick up my bum.  I do plan to go tomorrow and the next day.

I find that if I am reading a good book, I will stay on the elliptical for so much longer.  Before I know it, 30 minutes goes by, then 45, then an hour!  No, this probably isn’t the BEST way to maximize calorie burning on there, but still!  Whatever makes it more enjoyable is what is important.

Though it hurts now, it is the best feeling!  Something is actually working those dormant muscles.  I also hiked a short hike last weekend, and plan to do a long one this weekend!  It is so much easier to go to the gym when you have a routine and make it a priority!  I like to have my gym clothes laid out so I will immediately throw them on.  Buying new workout gear doesn’t hurt either 😉

Next workout adventure, YOGA!

xo K

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