I eat this how…? (Pomegranate)

I have had pomegranate things…pomegranate martinis, vodka, smoothies, yogurt, juice etc., and have tried the seeds at the farmers market that I go to, but I had never purchased one on my own….until today.  It definitely intimidated me to purchase one and I had no idea how to get those seeds into a bowl to nibble on.  I don’t know what I would have done in the dark ages 15 years ago without Google, but my fears were put to ease when I watched a 1 minute video of a nice lady getting those seeds loose!

It is pretty easy.

1) Fill a big bowl of water

2) Cut your pom into quarters


3) Get your hands in there and break up the fruit gently; the seeds will sink to the bottom and the rest of the stuff will be floating at the top.  Do this with each piece, skim the guts off the top, and empty the water (picture kind of looks weird/gross!)


4) Enjoy your little juicy pom bites!  I added blueberries to mine for an easy, healthy fruit salad.  I also sprinkled some on my dinner salad for texture.

20130102-212229.jpg 20130102-212220.jpg

xo K

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