First Time Thanksgiving Chef

So this Thanksgiving was the first time that I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner by myself.  Well, it wasn’t completely by myself, Jenn and I cooked it together, but it was my first time not being served by someone else.  This was my third Turkey Day in San Diego:  the first one was spent with some friends potluck style, the second one my family was in town and we went out to dinner and this one was cooked by us!

We had some pretty basic appetizers; shrimp cocktail, the artichoke dip that I posted and cheese and crackers.  For drinks, we had mango peach mimosas and the eggnog martini that I posted.

Mango Peach Mimosas


Peach Schnapps

Splash of mango juice and/or orange juice

Frozen strawberry.

Easy and delish.  I am a sucker for any type of peach cocktail.

Above: Table setting (notice the wine bottles I made on an earlier post), the menus I typed up and the sprayed apples Jenn made for name tags.

Dinner was the basics; turkey, stuffing, crescent rolls, mashed potatoes, squash and good ole canned cranberry (I don’t eat cranberry but everyone seems to like this stuff more than the real stuff!)

It all went very smoothly, even the turkey!  It came out perfectly (we stuffed it before cooking) and was easier than I thought.  After stressing about the gravy, wanting to get it as good as my mom’s, it came out so-so.  I think I added to much flour, and because some of the drippings leaked out of the hole that formed in the bottom of the pan (screw you Dollar Tree turkey pan!!) I didn’t have as much to work with.  (We did put another pan under it by the way.)

Above: Doesn’t the pan look shitty even in the pic!  Looks like it is about to take a turkey tumble.

We only cooked for 4 people and I cannot imagine cooking for a huge group!  I am sure I will someday though.

Xo K

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