Eggnog Cocktail

I have always liked eggnog in small doses but never have been a huge fan because it is very heavy.  I wanted to make a fun cocktail for my first Thanksgiving that I actually cooked so I found this one.  I love vanilla and amaretto so I thought it would be perfect.  It is very easy:


2 1-2 oz Eggnog (I bought light and it was perfect!  It didn’t taste light at all)

1 oz Vanilla Vodka

¾ oz Amaretto (I got the generic stuff but would get Disaronno next time!)

Sprinkle of cinnamon on top

Shake all ingredients, pour into glass, sprinkle with cinnamon and serve.  I also tried it on the rocks and liked that way too.  It would probably be a better drink around Christmas so maybe I will make them again.  The link below, where I got the recipe, has some great holiday cocktails that I am looking forward to trying!  Cheers.

Holiday Cocktails: Eggnog Martini | Single Minded Women

Xo K

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