10 Minutes, $238 Richer

After going back and forth about whether I should book my direct flight from San Diego to Boston for the holidays or wait until the price was better, I finally booked it last month.  And it was expensive.  After booking, I checked the flights a few times and saw that it went up a few hundred dollars!  I was delighted that I snagged the “deal” at a good time…until I checked today.  The flight was now $200 less than I originally paid (how does that happen?!)

During my lunch break, I called Jetblue and told the nice lady about my situation to see if I could get a credit.  After talking to me about how much she loved San Diego, she told me she had credited by Jetblue account $238, no questions asked!  I wasn’t about to mention that it wasn’t that much, so I just said thank you and hung up.  Score!  This took so little time but made such a big impact.  If you have a flight booked, go check the current rate and see if you can get yourself a refund!

Another money saving tip for you contact wearing people: price match.  I found this website, Coastal Contacts, which has such cheap prices for a year supply (may as well get it over with instead of buying month by month).  I saved the quote and went on to the famous 1-800-CONTACTS site which is very popular and guarantees to beat any price.  I live chatted with someone and told them about my Coastal Contacts offer; she then beat that price AND gave me a discount on top of it, with free shipping!  I ended up paying $215.91 total.  If I had gone through 1-800-CONTACTS from the beginning, I would have paid $383.92.

When I had my first credit card, for some reason I had a $30 fee added on.  My mom made me call them to get it removed even though I was nervous to do so.  It worked out, and ever since then, I have not been afraid when situations like that arise.  Many people don’t take the time to get refunds and price match, but if you do, you could find yourself saving hundreds!  The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Xo Korina

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