Roasted Garlic

I have yet to meet someone who does not love garlic.  It adds so much to every dish and the smell is unreal.  I swear I use it in everything I make!  A few weeks ago I went to dinner with Nick to Indigo Grill in San Diego.  It is kind of a funky place that has dishes with tons of ingredients.  So we ordered a baked brie appetizer which had some sauces and this clump of something.  I honestly had no idea what it was, feeling “daring” I took a stab at it and it was roasted garlic.  Let me just tel you, I was in heaven.  I could not stop eating it and greedily put it to my side of the plate so I could devour it.  He looked at me and said “I’m not kissing you later,” but that was the last thing on my mind!  Honestly, it was amazing.

So this past weekend I went to PREPKITCHEN LITTLE ITALY | Prepkitchen with my girls and we got a bunch of things to share including these amazing mussels in this white, garlicky sauce.  In the broth were whole cloves of roasted garlic.  So incredible.

After this, I decided, why not make this at home?!  I found this great blog that shows how easy it is to roast garlic, make garlic butter and oil!  Roasted Garlic, Three Ways | The Hungry Mouse

I was at home and it popped into my head and I immediately pre-heated the oven to 350.  I then cut off the end of the garlic, drizzled with olive oil, and placed in oven to get mushy and delicious.  Hungry Mouse says the purple garlic works best, but since I didn’t have that in my kitchen, the regular old white kind will have to do for tonight.  I roasted for 45 minutes and it was delish!  (I ate it as-is, but definitely would be better with a meal or on cracker/french bread etc).

Next time, will try the purple garlic and the garlic butter.

****UPDATE:  I went to dinner last night and we split a white pesto pizza; it had a huge roasted garlic in the middle!

xo K

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