Frosty, Epsom Salt Covered Wine Bottles

I originally saw this on Pinterest, which brought me to the Huffington Post craft of the day, which led me to Cleverly Inspired where there is a full tutorial on how to make these frosty wine bottles.  These were pretty easy to make and look great as a centerpiece or on a side table around the holidays.  You can vary how you set them up, which allows you to be creative!

…Will probably add more

You will need:

Wine Bottles


Spray Glue

Epsom Salts

First step is the best, DRINK THE WINE!  I used three bottles, two skinny reds, one fatter red.  I had been saving them for this craft.  Any size will work though.

Scrape off the labels.  You don’t need to be too perfect with this; I suggest using warm water first, goo gone if needed.

Spray your bottles outside with primer until fully covered.  Let dry (about 20 minutes–not bad for impatient people like me!!)

Okay, here is what screwed me for a second….I bought spray adhesive at Home Depot and when I sprayed it at the bottle, it was not the fine mist I thought it would be.  It was clumpy.  Like silly string.  WTF.  So, because my Mod Podge was almost gone and I had no Elmers, I broke out the white spray paint.  I sprayed a think layer on, rolled in in the Epsom salts, and BOOM.  Worked pretty well.  I still recommend buying a better spray glue though.

Anyway, I spray painted a black plate silver, and o put some silver branches in (Dollar Tree! Love it!!), and add some fun Christmas bulbs around it for a wintery, sparkly centerpiece.

Not sure if epsom salts are bad for pets or kids, but I feel as though these bottles will be “shedding” so definitely be careful if they are around pets, kids or Christmas goodies on the table!

Happy Holidays! XO K

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