Favorite Candles

I love candles and feel as though I am constantly re-stocking them around my house.  In the warmer months I like lemon-y, lilac, crisp cotton, tangerine types of scents, but when fall hits, I am all about the spicy vanilla-ish scents.  My mom loves candles and they were always all over our house so that is probably where I get it.  I love all of the scents from Yankee Candle (my favorite summer scent is Sun & Sand which smells JUST like the beach!) but the jars can be pricey.

I refuse to pay $20+ for a candle, and even find myself having trouble paying even $10.  Here are some of my favorite places to get great smelling, LASTING candles!

#1 Favorite:  For Every Body Candles (found at TJ Maxx and Marshalls).
These bad boys are made of soy and smell AMAZING.  They have Spiced Ground Vanilla (pictured below), Birthday Cake, Cinnamon, etc. What I love about these candles is they last and are always under ten bucks at these stores.  They also come with a “topping” such as a cinnamon stick or sprinkles depending on the scent (see above!)  Love it!

The best!

#2:  All other candles at TJ Maxx and Marshalls (or Home Goods).  Besides the For Every Body brand, they have tons of others at great prices!  Many come in cute packages for gifts as well.

#3: Kohls!  Yes, Kohls. This place is great because everything is almost always 50% off, including Yankee Candles!  Seriously, what a steal.  They also have their brand which I cannot think of off the top of my head; I think last year I got a few large jars on sale for $3 each.  Great add on for a Christmas Swap or for friends.  Who doesn’t love a candle?  I even buy them for my boyfriend!

#4:  Walmart.  At first, I was a skeptic.  I thought they would smell like shit, but I was wrong.  The jars with three wicks are only a few bucks so it doesn’t hurt your wallet to buy a ton at a time.  They also have great holiday scents so you can grab a bunch for Thanksgiving and Christmastime!

DO NOT BUY…..at Target.  Target is one of my favorite stores, but I will never buy a candle there (unless on crazy sale).  Completely over priced and no better than any of the ones I have mentioned.

XO Korina

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