Girls Weekend Goodie Bags

I am loving little gift bags lately so when four of my friends were coming out to San Diego for the weekend it was the perfect opportunity to put some together!  Who wouldn’t be excited to get one after arriving somewhere?!  Because they were staying for the long weekend, I figured a towel would be perfect.  I found them at Walmart for about $4 and the colors were a great way to tell them apart.  I also matched each bag with gum, chapstick, Tic Tacs, a few light snacks, a Vitamin Water and the matching glass from my previous post!

I tied a simple ribbon and for the name tag, I took wooden sticks (used to label plants) and tacked on a square of scrapbook paper with each girls name (I hammered the tack so it was no longer sharp).  Easy and cute.  I need to think of some Christmas gift bag/basket ideas!

XO Korina

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