Confetti Glasses

I saw these on Pinterest originally, but decided that I didn’t need to pin it for some reason.  Probably because they looked so easy.  I found myself thinking about them after because I wanted to make them for my four friends that are coming this weekend to visit me!  I originally was going to get wine glasses at the dollar store, but finding myself at Walmart already, I just found something there.  Tumblers were “too expensive” for my project budget, and wine glasses were too small, so I settled on a box of four glasses ($5) that had a them filled with iced tea on the front…

…Iced tea glasses=perfect for sangria.  I bought acrylic paints for $2 each that had instructions on the back to bake the glassware so it was permanent.  This project is pretty self explanatory.  Would be great to do Christmas colors, or gold and silver for new years! I probably would do them again with the tumblers vs. stemmed glasses but they still came out pretty good.  I also would probably take a little more time making the confetti dots so that they look a little cleaner

Shout out to Radical Possibility

radical possibility: Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers

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