Resturant Week Dinner #2

The next night, after the Fish Market, I went out with my friend Katie to Bali Hai Restaurant.  It is located on Shelter Island in Point Loma and is known for their DANGEROUSLY strong Mai Thais.  We sat at a great table outside looking over the harbor towards the city.  I did not get a Mai Thai because I had to drive, but plan to have a DD next time so I can take advantage!  Instead, I had my go-to Mojito.  Yum.

For the first course, we both had spring rolls.  They are really good and I devoured them pretty quickly.  For the main course I had sweet and sour chicken.  It was pretty good, but not excellent.  I mostly picked out the chicken because the veggies had a little too much sauce for me.  For dessert, I had mini PB& cookie sandwiches which pretty good; Katie had the creme brulee which was amazing!  I don’t usually order that but this one was to die for.  The main dishes seemed a little expensive but I would definitely go back for happy hour drinks and apps!

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