Fitbit Zip: 10,000+ Here I Come!

Two of my friends at work have had Fitbits for a few months and it had me intrigued.   I walk two miles every day at lunch (since January!  Actually kept a New Years resolution!) so it makes sense that I would be interested in something that tracks my cals, steps, mileage etc.

I bought a 5 dollar pedometer at Walmart but it didn’t work very well and it was pretty big.  I felt goofy wearing it and when I realized it wasn’t accurate, I gave up.  The Fitbit is a small, black device that clips onto your clothing and counts your daily steps, calories burned, how many miles you have been in the day and more.  It syncs to your computer whenever you are close enough, so that all of the data can be tracked.  I had been thinking of purchasing one for awhile ($99), so when my friend told me the company came out with a new, less expensive one, Zip, for $59, I was all over it (a few less features but has all the main ones).  I purchased my Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker through their main website (free shipping!) and it came in a few days.  I bought the white one but it comes in black, pink, blue and green.  It is the size of a quarter, and a little bigger with the silicone clip.  It can be put on your bra, underwear or pants and is small enough that no one will notice (my boyfriend said it looked like a heart monitor a little, but no one else can see it so who cares!)

I synced it to my computer, but if you have the iphone4s or 5, it will sync to that.  It re-sets at midnight so all you have to do is clip it on in the morning.  It is recommended that one walks 10,000 steps a day, and this is a great way to get there!  I visited a friend and was lazy Friday and Saturday so I only racked up about 3,000 each day.  Yesterday, I was showing some friends around San Diego and got about 11,000 steps.  Today, I am already at 9,634 so definitely will push to get over the limit today as well!

It makes you want to walk around more instead of sitting around.  I would have loved to have it waitressing and can’t wait to wear it when I hike!  You can also track calorie intake on the website and find out how many calories you should eat if you are burning X amount daily.

This took is great for people who want to be more aware of how active they are on a daily basis.  One may be surprised how much or how little they are actually walking.

Happy Walking 🙂 KS

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