Who Let the Dogs Out?

So as some of you reading this may know, I dislike dogs.  Yes, I said it. Hate me if you want to.  I always feel weird admitting that I do not like this animal because I feel like people look at me weirdly, or think I am a bad person like I just said I hated newborns.  My family actually has a dog (my sister begged for it; I think I might have even shed some tears to show how badly I did not want one) and it is very sweet  She is a mini poodle and doesn’t shed.  Her name is Muffin so obviously my mom has her groomed frequently.  I do get kind of defensive when people laugh when I tell them my family dog is a poodle.

When I was little, I made a bird feeder out of a milk jug (my craftiness started back then) and on a warm summer night, I was outside attempting to hang it on a small tree in the yard.  I got charged at my the neighbors rottweiler and peed my pants.  This was not the only time a dog charged after me.  I decided that I did not like them after these incidents.  They smell.  They shed.  They bite.  They jump on you.

So now you think I am a total bitch because I dislike “man’s best friend,” but that is fine.  Ever since I moved to San Diego my dislike (I won’t say hate because that is a strong word, as my mom always said) for dogs has grown.  There was the dog pooped that I stepped on and tracked all onto my car mats (no one in my complex even HAS a dog so why does someone bring their dog to my property to shit almost every day!?), the pitbull that charged me when I was walking to my car at night (I screamed and told the guy I was scared), and last but not least, the way people feel as though it is okay to dine with their dogs in public.

If you want to feed your dog at the table in your home, fine by me.  But PLEASE do not feed your dog at the restaurant that my boyfriend and I are trying to eat brunch at!  Seriously!  This past weekend someone has their smelly black lab next to their table.  It was almost rubbing my leg and I could smell that wet dog smell so I immediately moved tables.  Then, a guy that has a dog similar to Wishbone sat next to us and was holding it and it was pretty much sitting at the table.  Gross.

That was my dog rant.  I apologize if I have offended you in any way.  I do not hate dogs, I just think my quality of life is better without them.


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