Roller Girl

So I mentioned in my intro that I wanted to find alternate ways of getting exercise besides going to the gym.  Because I live in such a beautiful place, as you can see below, it is no wonder that I want to get outside to be active.


Now I do a lot of hiking but since it is too hot for that, it is nice to get down by the water (picture was taken at the end of my street).  I used to roller blade when I was younger and don’t think I have done so in over 10 years until today.  I purchased my new, purple, inline skates for $40 on Amazon after reading some decent reviews.  Those babies showed up just a couple days later and left me wondering if they were practically giving them away.

I read online that you can burn over 600 calories an hour blading so that it what motivated me.  Since it is about 8 blocks to the beach from my place, it was kind of nerve racking at first.  Stopping was difficult so I just would kind of run into the streetlight at the corner before I crossed.  Since it was the middle of the week, there weren’t as many people out and about so traffic wasn’t bad.

Finally I reached the boardwalk and glided along for a couple miles (saw only one other roller blader!!)  It was nice but my feet started to hurt.  It kind of felt like I had ski boots on but less comfortable.  I was kind of sweating too which was good.  It is a little up hill on the way back up my street and when I had two blocks left, I couldn’t wait to be back.  It was different, but to be honest, I am not dying to get back on them anytime super soon.  Maybe next week I will take them for a sunset spin after work while I still have some daylight to help break them in more.

Speaking of that, Obama?  Romney? Will whoever gets elected PLEASE make it so the time stays like this instead of “falling” back an hour?  What is the point of that anyway.  I read something about it making a difference to farmers?  I just quickly Googled it and I guess it relates to saving energy (History & info – Daylight Saving Time idea from Benjamin Franklin), which, don’t get me wrong, I am all for, but let’s find other ways to conserve.  Just give me that extra hour and myself, and most other people who aren’t vampires, will appreciate it.

That is all for now.  TGIF!



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