Fruit Flies=Not Okay

It is an ongoing battle, these fruit flies and myself.  I do everything that this tells me to do, Six Methods to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (with pictures) – wikiHow, and every other thing I find on Google, but they keep coming back.  They definitely are attracted to the trash and because I eat a lot of fruit, there are bits of fruit in the trash that they flourish on, gross right??

One night I was so irritated that I put the fan in the kitchen, lit three things of incense, and put three traps out after scrubbing the kitchen down Lysol to remove any sticky-ness on the counter.  The traps are a cup of wine with a piece of fruit sitting in it.  I then put plastic wrap on top with holes so that the damn things can get in, but are too dumb to get out.  It works and it is gross.  But it does not remove them forever.

Pic (similar to my trap) from:

So tonight, my wonderful mother tells me that fruit fly eggs actually travel into homes on fruits such as bananas, DISGUSTING!! From now on, I plan on washing my fruit as soon as I get it into the house.  Do they go away when the weather gets cooler?  Does humidity help breed them?

(Remember when Adrienne washed the chicken with soap on Housewives of BH? Reminded me of that!)

Hopefully killing them before they can breed will help with the problem.  Feel free to share your ideas with me!

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