Labor Day; summer beginnings

To most people, Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer. The days are getting shorter (my least favorite thing) and the air, typically, is getting cooler. Things are a little bit different here in SoCal. Being the beach bum that I am, it disappointed me that the weather was a comfortable 70s throughout the beginning of the summer; May Grey, June Gloom. Not until August did it start heating up which caused my to ditch my weekend hiking sneakers and cram in maximum beach time. Lucky me went to the beach three days in a row and dissolved into my latest kindle read, Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult (2009).

Since the beach is just at the end of my street, about 8 blocks, it is an easy ride on my cruiser. My BF, Nick, also has a bike which makes things quite convenient. For a change of scenery, we went to Coronado Beach which was gorgeous! A little windy, but the sand was white and powdery just like I like it. I didn’t even have to go into the water because the breeze was perfect. For dinner, we went to the Hotel Del Coronado’s restaurant, 1500 Ocean. We sat outside with a gorgeous view as the sun was setting and had a great meal. We had mussels and a salad with peaches and hazelnut ricotta; and then I had the Halibut and he had the Seabass (I also had a cucumber honeydew mojito which was amazing). It reminded me of somewhere that my parents would enjoy staying but I am sure it is $$$ per night.

I also had my first experience BBQing at my apartment with a feast of BBQ chicken, chicken sausage, corn, potatoes and my fav, caprese. I have been in my apartment for almost two years and although it is decent, I crave a place with more outdoor space! Especially because it is nice all year round. For now, I will enjoy the small porch that I have which is filled with plants that I am trying to keep alive….it is harder than one would think! I turn around and another one is wilted.  Anyways, since it will be hot in SD for the next couple months, I look forward to maximizing my beach time and tan before I have to turn back to sunless.

My apologies for this post being somewhat mediocre, but I at least wanted to get in some entry so that I can prove to myself I am not going to drop the ball on this blog! 🙂







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