Hello and welcome to my first blog.  I have attempted to start blogs before but failed miserably because of the upkeep.  I am hoping this time around will be different.  My blog title, imaKSimize, comes from my number one strength: a maximizer.  How did I come up with this? Mr. Jim Clifton created a book, Strengths Finder, where one answers a few hundred questions and it spits out your greatest attributes.  I won’t bore you with the details, and I won’t even tell you what my other four strengths are (let’s be serious, I clearly have more than four), but what this blog will focus on is my number one.

Life has so many things to offer and as I look around I see so many people not realizing their full potential (myself included).  Through this blog, I hope to grow as a person and find new ways to maximize my life to the fullest in every way possible.  I will share things I do, reviews of places I eat and drink (my favorite thing to do!), my crafting abilities, travels, my quest to burn calories while learning to cook at the same time, my perspectives on life and much more.  The design of this blog is a work in progress and I plan to take advantage of every free aspect possible.  I think I will give myself a goal that if I actually keep up with this, I will allow myself to purchase some fun, extra features but we shall see.  Goodnight world!

xo KS

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